Casa Maracuya

The Home Base.  A sanctuary nestled deep in the jungle to disconnect from modern life and connect with nature to heal the body, mind and spirit.


Built in the incredible ecologically-planned community La Ecovilla in San Mateo, Costa Rica, Casa Maracuya is an enchanting refuge for individuals and families seeking to heal their shadows, heal their wounds and interface with the majestic energy of the natural world.  It is the perfect setting for group retreats and master classes, a safe space and training ground for educating and elevating personal practices, skills and self.  

Casa Maracuya Mission Statement

Casa Maracuya is a boutique wellness retreat sanctuary located within a pioneering ecologically village backing onto the pristine river Machuca in San Mateo Costa Rica. The space was designed on a quartz crystal mountain with the intention of encouraging a deep connection to the natural circadian rhythms of our mother earth.

Rest and rejuvenate in divine elegance

This is a healing center. A place for intimate groups to gather and raise the frequency of love on earth.


We offer the following 

  • Family Integration 

  • Digital Detox

  • Healing Adventures

  • Deep nature connection

  • Rediscover Natural Circadian Rhythms

  • Movement meditation  (Rigorous and Gentle)

  • River immersions

  • World-class Body work practitioners

  • Organic Farm to Table cuisine