The work is to keep integrating the higher frequencies and then implementing them into our physical lives one step at a time.


It is my sincere desire to nurture within my clients a  love for appreciating the simple things in life while discovering and implementing the core practices that custom fit each individual . Ross McKenzie

Girl Running in Field at Sunset
Relational Somatic Psychotherapy

Our nervous systems hold trauma - big and small - that accumulates over time.  This accrued trauma impacts our ability for our nervous system to self-regulate. Relational Somatic Psychotherapy addresses the root trauma through an integration of mind, body and spirit. In a witnessed, loving, non-judgmental space, emotions are released from the body using physical and vocal expression.  It grants access to the areas of the body storing trauma allowing discordant energy layers to dissolve and unravel the tension produced by the fight-or-flight response.

River Valley
River Walks

The River is powerfully affiliated with our ancestors and human history.  Walking along the Machuca River facilitates a profound awakening with the relationship we have with nature and the gentle restorative flow of life.  These walks work to cultivate a deep sense of ongoing presence and meditation on the moment at hand to draw peace and inspiration, deepening our connection with ourselves.

Man Shouting
Spoken Word

There is power in language and words alone can cast a spell. Words rooted in anger, resentment, jealousy, judgment and fear are toxic and infect us at the sub-cellular level causing discord and dis-ease. Words rooted in love, caring, compassion and non-judgment are expansive and allow us at the sub-cellular level to heal and maintain wellness. In the same way, thoughts broadcast our intentions and negative thoughts resonate drawing negative energy into our fields of experience. Positive thoughts draw positive energy and conspire with us to manifest our dreams.  Developing an understanding of the importance of carefully choosing our words and thoughts allows for optimal living at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is based on the idea that energy flows through us.  Sessions treat the entirety of the person - body, emotions, mind and spirit - and bring about healing and peace, dramatically improving overall well-being.