Why Work with Ross 



Ross' balance of years of professional self-development training along with innocent enthusiasm makes him the ideal mentor for those in search of showing up authentically in all aspects of one’s life.  In transmuting trauma Ross has amassed an eclectic toolkit which he uses to empower his clients self-development journeys. 


Ross has “walked the walk,” and understands what it takes to show up every day. He creates space for people to reprocess themselves into higher and more complete beings aligned with, and attuned to the natural circadian rhythms of life.

One on One with Ross

Each of us has the opportunity and it is our birthright to be living our own unique version of Heaven on Earth.


Professionally trained in Relational Somatic Psychotherapy, Cellular Cleansing, Hatha yoga and Reiki, Ross studied countless therapeutic and wellness disciplines in successfully mentoring optimal wellness approaches for his clients. He works as a guide, mentor and coach, equipped with therapeutic skills and tools to direct clients along their path to wellness that is customized to each client’s needs.



What to expect and what to bring into a session to gain the most from your collaboration with Ross:

  • Clients bring present challenges into the session to unpack and process.

  • Relational Somatic therapy is a tool Ross uses consistently in session to support the balancing and self – regulation of one’s nervous system. 

  • Each session presents themes to unpack. Clients can expect to receive homework exercises to work on in between sessions to further integrate the work from each session.

  • Bringing openness, curiosity and a willingness to explore a variety of therapeutic tools greatly benefits all clients who choose to work with Ross . He may, when deemed supportive to the clients journey recommend additional Professional therapeutic experts to collaboratively assist in a client’s process. He connects clients with colleagues he trusts and has vetted as being exceptional in their line of work.

  • Ross provides each client with a private telemedicine link for each remote session for optimal security and confidentiality when the session is not able to be facilitated in person.


Ross works with a sliding scale depending the client’s financial situation. Feel free to reach out to learn more about the fee structure and what may fit best for you.