Enveloped within the clamor of modernity we labor to find room to breathe and strain to hear our own thoughts.  Constricted souls are crying out needing assistance to loosen the restraints and liberate us to check in with our own intentions and emotions to hear and be heard by each other, over the thunderous drone of a society in deep pain.


Ross McKenzie is an empathic facilitator and masterful mentor/coach.  A former top-tier athlete with firsthand experience overcoming powerful psychotropic pharmaceutical medicine, he has become a storied spiritual trailblazer on a lifelong pilgrimage of self-discovery. He is a skilled Relational Somatic Therapist and Professional Life Coach and Mentor with an aptitude for guiding clients through the intimate process of consciously navigating the darkest nights of the soul.


Ross’ work is a distillation of 25 years of research, paying forward an evolving magnum opus of valuable and practical information to future generations. He is a certified Professional Life Coach, Relational Somatic Therapist, Hatha Yoga instructor, Conklin-Method Cellular Cleansing Associate, and Reiki Energy Medicine Practitioner.  His studies and research spans countless modalities and techniques in his vigorous pursuit of optimal wellness.


In 2013 he co-produced and co-wrote the prominent award-winning feature-length documentary film Bipolarized highlighting his self-directed odyssey back to a revitalized existence.  The film has been screened at dozens of film festivals worldwide and honored with numerous awards. It is consistently met with widespread acclaim for its increasing relevance in this era of awakening and transformation.


He is also the co-founder of Radical Wellness Inc., a health and wellness education company that in 2015 launched the first online Mental Wellness Summit.  Featuring interviews with 33 experts the summit explores the potential for a mind, body and spirit approach to addressing mental health challenges from a root-cause resolution perspective.  


The Mental Wellness Summit has already been enthusiastically received by an audience of more than 100,000 practitioners, professionals, physicians and interested individuals from around the world.  Radical Wellness Inc. has since released a sequel featuring interviews with an additional 30 globally focused industry-pioneering professionals inspiring thousands to reevaluate traditional approaches to diagnosing and treating mental health symptoms.


The core of Ross’ Dharma is his personal practice. For his clients’ restorative journeys, supporting the development of their own personal practice becomes the axis on which healing revolves/evolves.  Along with receiving Ross’ individualized coaching guidance he also mentors his clients assembling and quarterbacking a custom-tailored team of seasoned practitioners for each client when the supportive therapeutic tools needed are out of the scope of his skillset. This empowers the client to step into the vital role of CEO of their own healthcare strategy. Ross is present every step of the way guiding and supporting his clients on their upward spiral of wellness.


By equipping clients with tools and skills he supports them to live their truth authentically and express that truth through right action.  He is an expert at holding a container of empathic compassion, where lived experience is met with deep listening, creating a safe space for his clients. In this space, he facilitates people leaning into their discomfort, allowing self-repair within nervous systems, and aligning with their divine purpose to catalyze their evolution from surviving to thriving.


Energy follows thought, and our thoughts, words and actions collectively form our reality.  In maintaining a reverent commitment to affirmative thoughts and positive actions we embrace the support of all creation and ascend to a higher plane of self-love and understanding.  Ross teaches us to adopt a childlike innocence, a convergence of enlightened prudence and gentle playfulness, to rediscover our ability to tap into the universes’ infinite well of joy as we journey to our birthright together: renewal, vitality, love and unlimited abundance.